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Destiny - The Lovers - - Versailles (lyrics available)

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Versailles is a Japanese rock band formed in 2007. It is comprised of several notable figures in the visual kei scene. In March 2007, Versailles was formed by Kamijo (Lareine), ...
Versailles is a Japanese rock band formed in 2007. It is comprised of several notable figures in the visual kei scene.

In March 2007, Versailles was formed by Kamijo (Lareine), Hizaki (Sulfuric Acid) and Jasmine You (Jyakura). Later, Teru (Aikaryu) and Yuki (Sugar Trip), who were recommended by the "Rock May Kan", a venue in Tokyo, joined the band.

Kamijo and Hizaki created the concept of Versailles in the autumn of 2006 and spent six months gathering members to express it. Their concept is “The absolute Youshikibi (beauty of form) sound and extremes of aestheticism”.

In March 2007, the details of the band were announced. They released promotional material through the Internet, set up an English language page on MySpace and have made several interviews with foreign press.

Versailles made their first appearance with a showcase on June 23, followed by their first performance on June 24. On these dates they also distributed their very first single and DVD single, The Revenant Choir.

The band signed a contract with the German CLJ Records label and released its first album, Lyrical Sympathy on October 31, both in Japan and Europe. Their song, The Love From A Dead Orchestra also appears on the compilation album, released by Sony BMG in Germany on the November 9, called Tokyo Rock City.

In 2008, Versailles will make its debut performing in America. On 30 May at Project A-Kon in Dallas, TX, and on 3 June at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, California.

Upon finding out that there were other bands with the same name as them in America, the band extended their name. With help from fans the name of the band is now Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet.

The expanded name’s specific meaning; Philharmonic means, lover of harmony and symphonic music. Quintet means, a group of five musicians.

This name is for the use in the U.S. territory, and will be used in the upcoming shows in Washington D.C. and New York in October 2008.

On August 9, 2009 Jasmine You passed away. He had taken time off in order to rest because of poor physical condition. Then early in the morning of the August 9th, he died. Because of the extreme abruptness of this news, the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard to accept this it. They have taken an activity pause and will announce when they will return in the future.

Guitar: HIZAKI
Guitar: TERU
Drum: YUKI



* Real Name: Kamijou Yuuji (上城祐之)
* Birthdate: July 19th 1975 (Cancer)
* From: Kanagawa
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 173cm (5"8';)
* Weight: 58kg (127 lbs)
* Hobbies: Movie appreciation, playing video games
* Favourite Movies: The Piano
* Cigarette: Salem Pianissimo 1mg
* Perfume: Chanel Egoiste Platinum
* Favourite Sport: Tennis, soccer
* Favourite movie actress: Marilyn Monroe
* Instrumentals: Vocal, Piano, Guitar (Not at lives)
* Shampoo: Mod's Hair (formerly Lux and Ma Cherie)
* Shoe size: 25.5-26 cm
* Favourite colour: Azure, Navy
* Favourite flower: Rose
* Ordinary clothes: Suit. (Style)
* Favourite food: Pasta, eel
* Disliked food: Wasabi
* Favourite drink: Suply water (sports drink) and cola
* Favourite saying: Bonjour Honey
* Collects: Lupin III figures
* Musical influence: Paul Mauriat, Richard Clayderman

Previous Bands:
* 199x - 1994: Bijireiku (美辞麗句)
* 1994 - 2000: Lareine
* 2000 - 2001: Lareine (solo)
* 2001 - 2002: New Sodmy
* 2002 - 2006: Lareine

On the 1994, November KAMIJO formed LALIENE, the group was initially signed to Applause Records. The band gained success on the indie scene, shortly after they changed their name to Lareine in 1996. In 1999 they obtained their first major contract with Sony Music Entertainment, but in August 2000 the band suddenly disbanded. Then, KAMIJO decided to continue his career as a solo artist, still using the name Lareine, and published the album Scream.

KAMIJO ended his solo project in June 2001 to start NEW SODMY with MAYU, former guitarist of Lareine. This band also didn't last very long, and disbanded shortly after the debut album's release. In august 2002 KAMIJO resumed Lareine's activities, while maintaining his solo career. The former members, MAYU, EMIRU and MACHI took part in the project as support members, and in 2003 they re-joined the band (except for the drummer, MACHI, who was replaced by Kazumi). In 2006, Kazumi decided to leave the band for his own personal reasons, and shortly after MAYU left the band. The last live of Lareine was held on the 31st of October with HIZAKI as a support guitarist.

KAMIJO also once composed Chinmoku no Hane for the KISAKI Project and took part as vocalist on KISAKI's session band KISAKI & Kansai Kizoku, as a special guest. In June 2007, he joined with HIZAKI to form a new band, Versailles, and he continues to serve as the band's vocalist.



* Name: HIZAKI
* Birthdate: February 17th, 1979
* Birthplace: Kyoto
* Blood Type: AB
* Hometown: Kyoto
* Cigarette: Lucia
* Equipment: ESP Horizon custom, Laney amplifiers, Ibanez ts9 pedal
* History: GARNET GRAVE → Crack brain → GROTESQUE ROMANTICER (グロテスクロマンティッカー) → Schwardix Marvally → SULFURIC ACID → HIZAKI grace project → Versailles



* Birthday: April 10
* Birthplace: Kyoto
* Blood Type: O
* Zodiac Sign: Aries
* Height: Secret
* Weight: Secret
* Shoe Size: about 25.6cm
* Hobby: Guitar practice, House recording
* Equipment: ESP Custom guitar (black body, mirror pickguard, EMG pickups, floyd rose, banana head)[2], Hughes & Kettner[3] OR Marhsall[4] amplifiers, D`addario EXL110+ strings[5]
* Tobacco: Marlboro MEDIUM
* Respected Person: Chris Impellitteri
* Favorite Perfume: Lancome Tresor
* Favorite Brand: Vivienne Westwood
* Favorite Phrase: Gacho~n
* Favorite type of girl: Nothing especially
* Favorite Words: Whatever there may be, metal continues! (by DIMEBAG DARREL)
* Favorite Entertainer: Yamamoto Kei, Aya Matsuura, Nanase Aikawa
* Favourite Food: Boiled eels on rice, Eggplant, Pilaf
* Disliked Food: Onion
* Favourite Drink: Koiwai milk coffee, DekavitaC
* Disliked Drink: Doesn't really like to drink alcohol
* Favourite TV Program: possuma
* Favourite Movie: Anything with Robert De Niro
* Favourite Magazine: YOUNG GUITAR, BURRN!!
* Favourite Manga: DEATH NOTE, CYBORG jiichanG, BASTARD!!, utsurun desu, AKIRA, JOJO no kimyou na bouken, ichigo100%
* Favourite Music: METAL
* Respected People: Chris Impellitteri, Dimebag Darrell, Parents
* A future dream: Appearing with Impellitteri!! Wants to appear in "YOUNG GUITAR"
* Thing most wanted: Sleeping hours
* First bought CD: Ozawa Kenji "LIFE"
* History:~Aikaryu~, HIZAKI grace project, Versailles(SUPPORT), Versailles



History: Jakura → HIZAKI (SUPPORT) → HIZAKI grace project → Versailles(Jasmine You)
Birthdate: March 8
Death date: August 9, 2009
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture



History: SugarTrip → (Alively Sanctuary) → Versailles
Birthdate: February 18
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Unknown

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